We offer machines and services to perform "that difficult boring"!


We have a Hand Cart rig that is used for inside building work.  Since it is small it has limitations on depths of approximately 16’.  


We offer a 540 tractor rig. The unit is 4 wheel drive and light which works well for soft areas or hard to reach areas. It is also a 5400 series rig that has depth limitiations of 16’ and used for soil and water sampling.  This rig makes  working in farm fields, soft areas, swamps, large off-road parcels, and railroads easements easy.


We also offer concrete coring services, hand augering, or hand sampling. We have hand auger buckets with extensions that range in size from 2” to 9”. This will allow you to put that 2” well or boring inside a building or hard to reach area.  We also offer hand held sampling equipment. An electric demolition hammer is used to drive the samplers into the ground and a jack is used to retrieve them.


Soil Sampling




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